Hey red wine drinkers — just because the weather is warming up, does not necessitate a switch to white wines.

For any wine drinker — red, white or both — there are plenty of blends and varieties that will satisfy your palate and still be refreshing on hotter days. Mike Summerlin, certified Court Master Sommelier and distributor with Grapevine Distributing, is always recommending new wines to locals who come to the many educational wine programs he teaches at places such as The Seasoned Gourmet (5500 Market St.)

One big tip he has for general wine consumption is that Americans typically drink white wines too cold and red wines too warm.

“We drink red wines at room temperature, which is about 74 degrees, but reds should be served at 65 degrees,” he said. “We drink our white wines way too cold out of the fridge at 44 degrees because the cold temperature can cover flaws in bad white wine — but white wine should be served a little warmer at 55 to 57 degrees.”


Best wines for warm weather…