Local Service Providers

Service Providers

1031 Investment Exchange

Company: Investors Title 
Name: Carol A. Hayden, Esq
Phone: 984-364-2752
Email: exchanges@invtitle.com
Website: www.invtitle.com/exchange-services.com

Appliance Repairs

Company: Mr. Appliance
Phone: 910-765-8980

Company: Island Appliance Repair
Phone: 910-442-8951


Name: Howell Graham
Company: Joseph A. Robb and Associates
Phone: 910.392.6880
Address: 5725 Oleander Dr Unit D3, Wilmington, NC 28413
Email: howell@josephrobb.comWebsite: http://www.josephrobb.com/



Name: Scott Sullivan
Company: Sullivan Design Co.
Address: 101 Scotts Hill Loop Rd, Wilmington, NC
Phone: 910-686-1223
Website: Sullivandesigncompany.com



Company: Colby and Mincey, PLLC
Address: 1001 Military Cutoff Rd., Suite 204, Wilmington NC 28405
Phone: 910.343.5775
Email: title@colbymincey.com
Website: http://www.colbymincey.com/

Company: Hutchens Law Firm
Address: 7029 Wrightsville Ave., Wilmington NC 28405
Phone: 910.509.7480
Email: wilmington@hskplaw.com
Website:  wilmington@hutchenslawfirm.com

Company: Law Office of Jeffrey W. Porter, P.C.
Address: 711 Princess St., Wilmington NC 28401
Phone: 910.763.2417
Email: jwpesq711@aol.com
Website: http://www.jeffporterlaw.com/


Building Contractors

Name: Jason Rollison
Company: R & R New Homes
Mobile: 910-465-4719
Website: https://www.rrnewhomes.com/

Name: Mike Evans
Company: JE Evans Construction Inc
Address: 311 Judges Rd Unit 8G, Wilmington, NC 28405

Name:Dennis Moeller
Company: Dennis Moeller Custom Homes
Phone: 910-512-5560
Email: dmoellercustomhomes@yahoo.com
Website: www.denismoellercustomhomes.com

Name: Dave Spetrino / John Jarvis
Company: PBC Design Build
Address: 341 Walnut St. Suite 200, Wilmington, NC 28401
Mobile: Dave Spetrino: 910-443-0746                                 
John Jarvis: 910-599-2630
Office: 910-763-8760
Email: Spetrino@plantationbuildingcorp.com
Website: www.plantationbuildingcorp.com

Name: John Munn
Company: Coastal Built Construction
Phone: 910-352-0380
Email: John@coastalbuiltnc.com
Website: www.coastalbuiltnc.com

Chimney Sweeping

Company: Seaside Sweep
Name: Sue Davis/ Scott Davis
Mobile: 919-422-8735
Phone: 910-805-7481
Website: www.Seasidesweep.com


Name:Clayton Hurd/ Andrew Hurd
Company: Bluewater Electric
Commercial & Residential
Address: 302 Poplar Grove Rd, Wilmington, NC 28411
Mobile: 910 233.0476/ 910-200-3852
Phone: 910.686.3369
Email: bluewaterelectri@gmail.com
Website: Hurdandrew@gmail.com


Estate Sales

Name: Andrea Barnes
Company: Blue Moon Estate Sales
Phone: 910-617-1719
Email: Andrea@bluemoonestatesales.com
Website: bluemoonestatesales.com


Exterior Yard Maintenance

Name: Ryan Hipp
Company: Curb Appeal NC
Phone: 910-685-2224
Email: ryan@curbappealnc.com
Website: www.curbappealnc.com

Fence Contractor

Name: Robert/ Christy
Company: Legacy Fence and Arbors of Wilmington
Mobile: 910-508-0517
Christy: 910-523-6411

Fireplace Specialist

Name: Tim Wall
Company: Carolina Fireplace Distributors, INC
Address: 914 S. Kerr Ave, Wilmington, NC 28409
Mobile: 910-279-4429
Office: 910-329-6305
Email: tim@carolinafireplace.com
Website: www.carolinafireplace.com

Handy Man

Name: Billy Martinko
Company: Billy Martinko Construction
Address: 803 Cedar Ave, Surf City, NC, 28443 
Phone: 303.621.6288
Email: Billshammer@aol.com

Name: Steve Bunch
Company: Bunch & Associates
Address:1902 Wrightsville Green Ave, Wilmington, NC 28403
Phone: 910-297-2537
Email: bunchinc@gmail.com

Name: John Garner
Company: Integrated Home Services & Consulting Inc.
Phone: 910-520-5839
Email: john@ihsac.com

Name: Pete Small
Company: Pete Small’s Handyman Service
Phone: (910) 619-1542

Home Inspectors

Name: Bill Tomey
Company: Atlantic Home Inspectors
Phone: 910-352-1091
Website: http://atlantichomeinspectors.com

Name: Gene McIntyre
Company: Eye Spy Inspection
Phone: 910.395.4424
Email: wilmeyespy@yahoo.com
Website: http://www.eyespyinspections.com/

Company: Home Spectors
Phone: 910-815-6664
Email: homespectors@bellsouth.net
Website: http://www.homespectorsnc.com

Company: Integrated Home Services
Phone: 910.228.5583
Email: office@ihsac.com
Website: http://www.ihsac.com


Home Staging

Name:Jenna McKnight
Company: Aqua Home Staging/Aqua Fedora
Address:30 N. Front St, Wilmington, NC
Phone: 910-399-7358Email: aquahomestaging@gmail.com
Website: www.aquahomestaging.com

Name: Erin Sullivan/ Jenny Philips
Company: Home Staging and Design
Mobile: Erin: 910-547-1937
Mobile: Jenny: 910-352- 6675
Email: Erin@revisionsofwilmington.com
Website: www.revisionsofwilmington.com

House Cleaning

Name: Joshua Lingner
Company: Scrub Power Washing & Cleaning
Address: 5414 Sun Coast Dr. Wilmington, NC 28411
Phone: 910-232-4408
Email: joshua@scrubscleanservice.com
Website: Scrubwilmington.com

Name: Dana Scalisi
Company:Port City Clean Freaks
Phone: 910-538-3397

Name:Allison Cavenaugh
Company: Carolina Coast Cleaning


Name: Tammy Schiling
Company: Airmax Heating & Cooling
Address: 4563-1 Technology Dr. Wilmington, NC 28405
Phone: 910-798-4822
Email- info@airmaxhvac.com
Website: http://www.airmaxhvac.com

Name: Kenny Fowler
Company: Kenny Fowler Heating & Air
Phone: 910-508-4553
Website: http://www.hvacwilmingtonnc.com

Company: Wilmington Air
Address: 6615 Market St, Wilmington, Nc 28405
Phone: 910-791-1988



Company: Don Bullard Insurance
Address: 4709 Oleander Dr., Wilmington NC 28403
Phone: 910.791.5400
Email: info@dbins.com
Website: http://www.donbullard.com/

Name: Hunter Cockrell
Company: Farm Bureau Insurance
Phone: 910-332-9900
Email: hunter.cockrell@ncfbins.com

Name: Stuart Franck
Company: Nationwide Insurance
Address: 5704 Oleander Dr Ste 101, Wilmington, NC 28403
Phone: 910-392-1985 ext 111

Name: John Lewis & Paul Badrock
Company: American Harbor Insurance
Address: 4039 Masonboro Loop Rd #1G,Wilmington 28409
Phone: 910-392-0880
Fax: 866-706-9993
Email: john.lewis@americanharbor.com
Website: http://americanharbor.com

Name: Tim Moore
Company: State Farm Insurance
Address: 7016 Market St. Suite A, Wilmington, NC 28411
Phone: 910-392-0880
Email: tim@timmooreclu.com
Website: www.timmooreins.com


Flood Insurance Expert

Name: Lisa Sharrard 
Phone: 803-730-8626
Email: Lisa@choicefloodinsurance.com

Name:Alexandra Lysik- Agency Owner
Email: alexandra@cavikinsurance.com
Website: www.cavikinsurance.com


Land & Lot Loans

Name:Brian Karg
Company: First Citizens Bank
Address: 1910 Eastwood Rd,Wilmington NC 28403


Name:Lin Spears
Company:Piedmont Credit Union
Address: 3815 Park Ave, Wilmington NC 28403
Phone: 910-398-6355


Lawn Care / Landscaping

Name: Justin Clifton
Company: Clifton Lawn Care & Power Washing
Address: 1526 Idle Wood Crt, Leland, NC 28451
Mobile: 910.770.3218

Mold & Crawlspace

Name: Angie Smock
Company: Puroclean
Address:114 S. Kerr Ave. Wilmington, NC 28403

Name: Mark Williams
Company: Integrated Home Services
Phone: 910-228-5583

Name: Scott Gales
Company: Crawlspace Concepts
Address:109 N.Palm Dr. Winnabow, NC 28479
Email: scott@crawlspaceconcepts.com
Website: www.crawlspaceconcepts.com

Company: Crawlspace Medic
Address: 3861 U.S 421, Wilmington, NC 28401
Phone: 910-726-9424
Website: www.crawlspacemedic.com

Company: Southeast Foundation & Crawlspace Repair
Phone: 910-249-9276
Website: www.nccrawlspacerepair.com


Mortgage Lenders

Name: Kevin Miller
Company: Fairway Independent Mortgage
Address: 530 Causeway Drive Unit T-8, Wrightsville Beach, NC
Mobile: 910.465.2414
Email: KMiller@fairwaymc.com
Website: http://fairwaync.com/staff/kevin-miller/

Name: Chris Hutchens
Company: Guaranteed Rate
Address: 1123C Military Cutoff Rd Wilmington,NC 28405
Phone: 910.344.0304
Email: chris.hutchens@guaranteedrate.com

Name: Omar Washington
Company: Movement Mortgage
Address:432 Eastwood Rd,Ste 102,Wilmington NC 28403
Phone: 910-233-2684
Email: omar.washington@movement.com
Website: http://movement.com/omar.washington

Name: Kristian Siemon
Company: Angel Oak Home Loans
Address: 1119 Military Cutoff Road
Phone: 910.839.0089
Mobile: 336.202.9164
Email: Kristian.Siemon@angeloakhomeloans.com

Name: Damn Surrat
Company: Equity Resources 
Phone: 910-264-1253
Email: Dsurratt@callequity.net


Name: Mike McCauley
Company: Coastal Carrier Movers
Phone: 910-392-4916
Email: info@coastalcarrier.com

Name: Matt Miller
Company: Few Moves LLC
Address:2610 N. 23rd St. Wilmington, NC 28401
Phone: 910-512-6999
Email: Sales@fewmoves.com, Matt@fewmoves.com, Travis@fewmoves.com
Website: www.fewmoves.com

Company: Two Men and a Truck
Phone: 910-763-7990



Name: Alvaro Hernandez
Company: H & H Painting
Address:3307 Delt Rd. Castel Hayne, NC 28429
Phone 910-228-9058
Email: handhpaintingandremodeling@gmail.com
Website: hhpaintandremodeling.com

Name: TJ Drechsel
Company: Drechsel Painting / Photography
Phone: 910.297.4821
Website: http://www.tjdrechselphotography.com/

Name: Mike Ording
Company:Mike’s Custom Painting
Phone: 910-530-2453
Email: mikespowerwashing2018@gmail.com



Name: Dave Decker
Company: AL Plumber
Address: 115 Bryan Rd. Wilmington, NC 28412
Phone: 910-538-4949
Mobile: 910-799-0739
Email: plum2plsu@aol.com

Name: Jason Thompson
Company: Parlier Plumbing Repairs Inc.
Address: 1016 S. Kerr Ave. Wilmington, NC 28403
Phone: 910-395-0448
Email: parlierplumbing@bellsouth.net
Website: parlierplumbing.com

Company: Buddy Mintz
Phone: 910-799-0742

Power Washer

Name: Eric Kelley
Company: Wise Wash Power Cleaning
Mobile: 910-443-3570

Name: Joshua Linger
Company: Scrub / Power Washing
Mobile: 910-232-4408

Name: Keven Anelli
Company: Anelli’s Power Washing & Deck Restoration,LLC
Mobile: 908-303-8336/ WWW.stewartsville.com

Name: J.D. Williams / Owner
Company: Soggy Dollar Pressure Washing
Phone: 910-789-4789

Name: Mike Ording
Company:Mike’s Custom Painting
Phone: 910-530-2453
Email: mikespowerwashing2018@gmail.com

Professional Photography

Name: Linda Williams
Company: KBT Realty
Phone: 571-233-8772

Name: T.J. Drechsel
Company: Drechsel Photography
Phone: 910-297.4821
Website: http://www.tjdrechselphotography.com/

Name: Alicia Haley
Company: Unique Media & Design
Phone: 910-526-7926
Email: tours@uniquemediadesign.com
Website: www.uniquemediadesign.com

Name: Douglas Meyers
Company: Wilmington Real Estate Photography
Phone: 910-538-5459

Company: Crystal Glass Photography
Name: Crystal
Phone: 910-599-3076
Email: crystalglassphoto@gmail.com

*Listing Pictures/Floor Plans*
Company: Angle Pros
Name: Steve
Phone: 910-859-4711
Website: Anglepros.com

Name: Kevin & Lauren
Company: KMI Photography INC, Photo & Film
Address: 4106 Oleander Drive, Wilmington, NC
Phone: 910-292-9551
Email: contact@kmiphotography.com
Website: https://kmiphotography.com/

Name: Brad Strickland
Company: Light House Visuals
Phone: 252-902-5590


Remodeling Contractor

Name: Kevin Breed
Company: Elevated Construction
Phone 910-599-9595 EXT:701

Name: Cory Ahlers
Company:Surface Specialist (Bath Tub Repair)
Address:5217 Marina Club Dr, Wilmington, NC 28409
Mobile: 910-465-4594
Office: 910-392-3202
Email: Charlie@surfacespecialist.com
Website: www.surfacespecialist.com


Name: Chelsie Brehm
Company: Excel Roofing Company
Address: 447 Marian Dr. Wilmington, NC 28412
Phone: 910-685-7102
Email: chelsie@excelroofingnc.com
Website: www.excelroofingnc.com

Name: Jessica
Company: Fores & Foley Roofing
Address: 1536 Castle Hayne Rd, Wilmington, NC 28401
Phone: 910-371-1400
Email: info@floresandfoley.com
Website: www.floresandfoley.com


Stairs & Railings

Name:Todd Bryant
Company: T n L Staircases


Structural Engineer

Company: Chris A. Holmes, P.E.
Phone: 910-796-9988
Email: daricwells@holmespe.com

Name: Kyle Shepard
Company: Still Water Engineering
Phone: 910-200-7978
Email: stillwaterengineering@charter.net

Company: Tim Hines, P.E.
Phone: 910-398-5740
Website: http://www.timhinespe.com


Name: Bob Jones
Company: Robert Goslee & Associates
Address: 513 Chest Nut St. Wilmington, NC 28401
Phone: 910-763-1941
Email: bjones2977@bellsouth.net

Company: Port City Land Surveying
Phone: 910-791-0080
Website:  http://www.portcityls.com/

Company:Michael Underwood Surveyor
Address: 102 Cinema Dr #C, Wilmington, NC 28403
Phone: 910-815-0650

Company: David Edwards Land Surveying
Address: 430 River Land Dr., Currie, NC 28435
Phone: 910-239-8693
Website: www.delandsurveyingnc.com


Swimming Pool Inspections

 Name: Alex Chmiel
Company: Coastal Aquatic Pools
Address:608B Greenville Ave,Carolina Beach, NC 28428 
Phone: 910.232.1727                                     
Email: coastalaquaticpools@gmail.com
Website: www.coastalaquaticpools.com                       

Name: Ali Greiner
Company: Pool Professionals of the Coastal Carolinas
Address: 2725 Old Wrightsboro Rd Suite 1B Wilmington NC 28405
Phone: 910-409-9103
Mobile: 910-508- 2222 
Website: www.poolprofessionals.com

Name: Chad
Company: Above Ground Pros
Address: 7304 Champlain Dr, Wilmington, NC 28412
Office number: 910-795-2860
Mobile Number:910-795-3444
Website: www.abovegroundpros.com
email: wilmington@abovegroundpros.com

Termite/Pest Control

Name: Monty Miller
Company:Value Pest
Website: www.Valuepest.com

Company: Bug N A Rug Exterminators
Phone: 910-254-9443
Website: http://www.bugnarug.com

Company: Canady and Son
Phone: 910.686.9541
Website: http://www.canadyandson.com/

Company: Jay Taylor Exterminating
Phone: 910.791.6836
Website: http://www.jaytaylorexterminating.com/

Wallpaper Removal

Name: Arlene Bouchard
Phone: 910-232-4631

Well / Septic Permit Inspector

Name: Thomas Alford
Company: Alford Septic Solutions
Address:276 Jericho Rd, Rocky Point, NC 28457
Mobile: 910-540-8774
Email: alfordsolutions@aol.com


Name: Karen Knight
Company: Window World
Phone: 910-338-9670
Address: 6500 Windmill Way Unit E2, Wilmington, NC
Email: Karen@wilmingtonww.com

Name: Modern Glass R
Fogged Glass Repair
Phone: 910-352-2864
Email:  foggedglassrepair@gmail.com


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